CableMate. Next-Gen Connections.

CableMate is different.  Unlike other brands, CableMate is lean and nimble, allowing us to provide unmatched customer service.

When you connect with CableMate, you can expect results. Request for quotes are answered on time.  An order acknowledgement immediately upon receipt of your order.  Shipments from our inventory to your exact shipping instructions.  We were founded on a detailed-oriented approach to customer service.

We’re proud to be a part of the future.

CableMate is the newest brand of Ardry Trading Company and our manufacturing partners.  Since 1940, Ardry has built its reputation through the specifying, marketing, and supply of products for the underground and overhead transmission and distribution of electricity, transformer components, and industrial material.

Today, Ardry operates in over 40 countries and has representatives and customers on every continent except Antarctica. Ardry’s client roster includes electric utilities (IOUs, Electric Cooperatives, Munis), government agencies, local distributors-representatives, contractors, and original equipment manufacturers.

Strategic partnerships are forged.

Recently, an opportunity presented itself for Ardry to partner with two leading manufacturers in the cable accessories industry in Taiwan and South Korea. Building on relationships created over the past 30 years, a new strategic partnership was forged, and CableMate was created.

What sets CableMate apart from the competition is we now offer the exact same products built to the exact same specifications from the exact same factories that previously served as private label manufacturers for an industry leader.

But we do it at a better price, with better lead times, and superior technical and customer support today, tomorrow, and across the globe. Leverage this manufacturing experience with the decades of technical and commercial experience of Ardry and you have an unbeatable partner.

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